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    How to use

Estimates don’t have to be time consuming or expensive.  We will walk you step by step in the adjacent video and show you how you can have an estimate done in less than 10 minutes. Plug your results into and have a comprehensive estimate sent to your inbox before you leave the job site.



    Scaling a set of plans that are PDF

Option 2: We will walk you step by step on how to scale your plans that are in a PDF to do your take-offs in less than 7 minutes.  Plug your results into and have a comprehensive estimate sent to your inbox before you leave the job site.



    Performa-Bid with your Cell Phone

Option 3:  Learn how to download this cell phone app to make it easy for you to do your take-offs.  Plug your results into and have a comprehensive estimate sent to your inbox before you leave the job site.




Our product provides a comprehensive, categorized budget of all costs, with scalable accuracy. This allows for an informed decision in a short period of time. As seen with our “need to know link below”, you can view all (3) reports, which illustrate the details given to the level of payroll. With your support to justify these calculations, we can approach an assurance of accuracy that establishes trust. Just submitt your concerns to We hope you enjoy the experience of winning more opportunities and having the confidence of making a “Profit”. With us you just don’t submit a bid, you “Perform A Bid”.


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   Purchase Order Take-Offs

With a cost breakdown organized and structured for your performance, you can fax your Take-Offs straight to the supply house and have materials pulled. This saves you time and money which impacts your bottom line. Why deal with the stress of walking around looking for items when you can have a pallet awaiting you when you arrive? It’s the difference between having a productive day getting work done vs a day looking for materials.

    Free Material Quotes

We offer a “free material quote”, provided at all times with our service. With your input, the material quote will help keep the PerformA-Bid system as accurate as possible. Send your feedback to Let us know if the cost or quantity of an item (gotten with the purchase of a “take-off report”) is less than 97% accurate according to your calculations and let us correct it together. We want your estimates to be as accurate as possible in the shortest period of time. Getting a material quote has never been so easy.


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Working from home doesn’t happen overnight, but it’s nothing like it once achieved.  

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Easy as 1, 2, 3, in a (2) step process, as shown below.

  • enter_your_zip



    (1) Input your zip code
  • Select_from_Dropdownlist


    (2) Select the project type you are wanting an estimate on.

    Step 1

  • Goto_Step_2



    (3) Enter your email
  • More_Detail

    (1) Select a more detailed project type description from drop down list.
  • other_info

    (2)  Select other variables if necessary.

    Step 2

    That’s it.  Your’e done in less than 3 minutes.


  • Choose_a_Report



    (3) Select a (Free Quote, Take-Off or Labor / Material report)

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