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After providing your prospect with a “Free Material Quote”, you will be amazed at the ease of earning their trust for a full blown estimate when the need arrives. Winning business is an art, and with good honest work, re-occurring/residual income becomes second nature.
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How You Get Paid on a

Take-Off Report 

Get 10% for every purchase made with your refcode or charge a small fee for a “Purchase Order” for your client, and have the ability of serving your customers become a delight that earns credibility and establishes “TRUST”.  Your cost is less than $20.00 wholesale, and retails between $35.00 – $75.00.



How to Get Paid for a

Labor and Material Report

The cost for a “Labor and Material” estimate is set for our affiliates to earn an awesome profit. Not a commission, like most businesses, but profit upwards of $75.00.  Most people have been encouraged to get 3 estimates before they choose who will do their project.  Once they find out that you are estimating with, it will be the go to web service for getting a estimate.  Why? its fast, accurate, comprehensive and easy. These estimates are worth more than what a customer is capable of paying, which is a true value. 
Get 10% for every purchase made with your refcode or charge a small fee for a “Labor Material Report”.  Your cost is less than $50 wholesale, retails (MSRP) for $75.00 – $1350.00.


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You will have your own affiliate refcode with website admin, just like ours.
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